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About Neemkathana Live

NeemKaThana Live is a very young and energetic company whose motive is to bring forth the fact that sikar is a fast developing Town in raj. and to show Sikar people as a highly productive and dedicated bunch of individuals who are raring to go. Nkt today is no more a prototype of lethargic, unimaginative and undeveloped distt. that was once attributed to it.  NeemkathanaLive is the brain child of a creative designer from Nimkathana who got a professional experience in Neemkathana. After a long time invested in research over internet and otherwise, somebody came up with the name of  NeemKaThanaLIVE that reflected the soul that it will carry – all the plusses of sikar. NEEMKATHANALIVE also gives a platform for the young guns of Nimkathana in various fields to showcase their talent in creativity, their ideals, their dreams, their achievements and so on. What best can explain this better than the fact that investors are lining up to invest in Nkt. and also the fact that Neemkathana who had sailed to far away shores for a better life are coming back home in hordes!!

About Neemkathana Town:- 

Neem Ka Thana (नीमकाथाना) is a tehsil of Sikar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the six tehsils of the district. Neem Ka Thana is a great city to visit in the state of Rajasthan.There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Neem Ka Thana. Nearest airport is Sanganeer Airport.Neem Ka Thana is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.You can easily get regular buses to Neem Ka Thana from other major cities of the country.